3rd annual PILSC Legacy Run/Walk

Dollars at Work

Funds Raised

Help us achieve our goal in 2024 of raising 125k! Last year we raised $109k and we want to beat that goal this year

How Your Contribution Helps

Vital Support Services

Every donation makes a difference. $85 for 1 coaching session, $125 for our peer helpline, $200 sponsors a support group, or $300 connects someone with a peer mentor for 3 months.

Accessibility and Equity

Your support helps ensure that our support services are accessible to everyone, no matter their financial situation, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith, or background.

Community Building

Your contribution helps bereaved families build a community of support and empathy, really demonstrating that they are not alone in their journey.

Breaking Stigma, Raising Awareness

Your contribution helps create awareness and much needed dialogue surrounding pregnancy loss, infant loss, and infertility.


Donating is a meaningful way to honour the memory of loved ones lost, providing comfort and support to others who are facing similar experiences.

"As parents to a baby not earthside, we don't get to enjoy the birthday parties or school plays, but this event is something that we do get to do for our child"

The Impact Your Contribution Has...

Here are some testimonials from clients who have accessed PILSC support services within this past year:

"This group was pivotal in my grief. I have been in grief groups before this with other people of all kinds of loss. Being in a group with loss similar to mine was easier to open up and share because we were all at similar stages. I am very grateful for the late loss group" ~Group Participant

"I am so grateful to PILSC for existing and offering life-affirming, quality of life saving support" ~ Professional 1:1 Client

"I found lifelong friends, lifelong support" ~Community Outreach Client